Massage Prices

Kranio – Sakral Terapi



  • Nagisa Tarafınd
  • an90 Minut
  • e UyumuFiliz Drive Tara

Holistik Masaj Terapi



  • fından90 the mind-Body
  • -Spirit-120
  • DakikaBütünsel

Hamile Masajı



  • siSebahat DakikaÖdem and
  • Relievin
  • g Tension Point 60 By Kal

Massage Treatments and fees

Medical Massage Therapist Sebahat Kal Made By Massages:

Medical Massage Therapist Nagisa By Massage:

Cranio-Sacral Therapy: 300 Tl – 90-120 minutes

Sprout Drive Medical Massage Therapist Massage In:

Holistic Therapy: 250 Tl – 90-120 minutes

All Massage appointments 3 days ago, are kindly requested to be made 24 hours in advance of the cancellation.

Effect of therapeutic massage, massage therapist will suggest to minorities within our regular is recommended.

Membership Conditions:

  • Accession cannot be canceled, refundable membership fee.
  • Only new student records and meet package once accepted.
  • All course fees are cash only is accepted and membership package will be deducted from the pay package after the course fee.
  • Another city job or marriage certificate of the official residence in case of moving due to return.
  • Refund request; Member had used the period corresponding to the current membership packages by falling price required over the remaining amount will be refunded.
  • Because of health problems if you want to freeze your membership, please bring the document you receive from the hospital.
  • Cash prices on the list. Credit card and bank transfer payments VAT will be added.

Person or group membership conditions, private tutoring options for call us: 0216 302 69 65 – 0530 939 44 12