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About  Merih Kenet Yoga Center

Our Center was founded by Merih Clamp in the year 2009. Since then, our mission is to strengthen the body with yoga based on the origin of thousands of years ago to prevent disease and improve the quality of life, treatment stage is to support the. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is not only the absence of illness and injury State status, physical, mental, social and spiritual level is a completely good. MK Yoga Center since its founding is targeting to look holistically at human body.

Modern and fully equipped Center, different yoga classes by our experienced instructors. After meeting with our members, made according to the needs of detailed course and level is determined, start yoga. We created a boutique approach classes each student tuition approaching with thoroughness.

Our Center yoga asana practice outside of the human body and spirit healing different studies. Massage therapy, cranio sacral therapy, family syntax, meditation, breathing techniques and yoga camps some of these works.

We separate the different disciplines of Yoga trainer I bend over. Basic, Yin, pregnant and kid’s Yoga Instructor Trainings are given by qualified teachers.

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