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Animal Movement Instructor Panos Theodorou mK Yoga Center

Don't miss this visual feast that will affect launch of Yoga deeply.

The world famous Animal Movement Instructor Panos Theodorou mK Yoga Center!
Don't miss this visual feast that will affect launch of Yoga deeply.
Participation is limited to 12 people.

Animal Movement?

Animal Movement-the movement of the Animals, when using body weight; primitive movements and by doing an imitation of animals, fun free style, combining a functional program.

Physical ability that is developed by:

Physical Benefits:
Circulatory, digestive, excretory systems şifalandırır
Cardio is the work. Didn't exactly lose weight fast.
Muscle development and quickly form the body.
Strengthens the immune system.

Emotional-Mental Benefits:
Improves concentration.
It nourishes confidence.
Counteracts depression hormones.
Sleep problems.
Eğlenmenizi provides

Is a course open to everyone of all ages.
Venue: mK Yoga Center
Date: Friday, October 06, 2017
Time: 19.30-21.30
Participation fee: 200.-TL

Panos Theodorou?

A graduate of the Academy of sports Panos, since an early age was interested in many branches of the sport. Shooting sports in children from an early age, he became a member of the Greek national team and has brought many awards to his country. He joined the Olympics in Athens in 2004.
Advancing age, fitness, bicycle and received training on issues such as healthy eating and seminars. Professional athlete and personal trainer. I still felt years dance was dissatisfied, yoga and martial arts he started with. So you just feel it went beyond dealing with the body, and he was enjoying it more and more.
starting in 2011, the Animal Movement began to develop. No vehicle without taking advantage of the body's own weight made primitive movements, animal and other elements of a powerful cardio exercise both work and new modern dance was a fun activity that can be combined . With their exercise of the body who likes working with children, individual employees, trainers, yoga and fitness teachers and dancers by great interest.
Panos currently his native Greece in many different countries, including in Animal Movement, continues to train new teachers and teaching.

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