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Each entity in the beautiful plays a naïve folk songs. When you hold your hand a person, when you look into his eyes, muttering all the senses when he smelled ballad is that you know and hear the timbre of the cells, the wind's in eternity.
To recognize a child as a mother, a lover that you feel belongs in the hearts of trust and wraps.

When walking in the way of your own life and you hear those songs, sky, sunlight reflects over you and the smell of titresir in the cells of life, listen to the song of the existence of your sound.

The miracle of life that's exactly what starts here!

Each one of us, one more beautiful than the other, non-entities, consciously or unconsciously, we walk in different ways the same purpose as.
We are aiming to reach as far as which way we go, we return to ourselves many times değisip approaching, we get out of our mold as possible.
This process is our personal attention our addiction, dogma and because of many factors can become more challenging and exhausting.
Maybe sometimes disappointments we give up, with the reluctance and lack of purpose we drift away from life.

To tell you the song or quiet life go to end of life if you need to make a choice between waiting …

We are getting ready to establish our polyphonic choir. The unique tınınla if you want to exist,

• We will observe life and how our feelings and dönüştürebileceğimizi,
• How can the living conditions we want,
• The company can determine how we're going to remember ourselves.

Our beginner seminar 1. We are waiting for you in the module.

Venue: mK Yoga Center

Date: 28-29 October 2017
Hours: 12.00 – 18.00
Price: 500.-Tl + Vat

until 15 September 200.-Tl deposit, the remaining part will be charged on the day of the training. Parental involvement is not achieved 50% of the down payment in return.

Metaphysical training includes what?

Metaphysics, life, ourselves, system, with the help of high intellect, intent and self help us improve our understanding, if you want to convert.
Repetitive cycles of life processes, our ego, our life, our role in the portrait of our identities, our dark side, light is our faces, our historical and mitolojiksel dogma, by identifying our contract from all life esoteric healing methods to convert with a new consciousness and creating life purpose to allow us to perform in a conscious way we take care of giving a chance to a minimum.

Spiritual life is a labor and the size of his body, is ready to take responsibility for the world to reflect out, presented to those who intent to walk this road is a systematic training program.

Intended to heal individuals regain consciousness convert themselves, and get rid of their addiction to express their freedom to provide unique so that all the objectives of life that play a role in the size of the world jump on the road to perform and step together.
Welcome to …

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