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Fatma Aguirre Individual Astrology With Sessions


We bring together features spiritual Astrology birth and examines the effects created in our lives of karmic energy.
Living our mission and in this respect we intentionally or unintentionally revealed that the functioning of this system which describes the people and events in our lives teach us, what our posture and our humanity and Fritz and the environment, areas in which convenience or difficulties we can live.

Sessions you'll get information about yourself with:
You were born with which energy?
What's your mission? In this life you will accomplish what?
Personal life and what you need to do for the community?
Will create blockages in your way and your emotions?
Bilinçaltınızda embodies the underlying fear and thoughts how this day?
In what ways will get rid of, you will free yourself from mold?
Your feelings of fear and/or actually who it belongs to? How can we convert them?

Date: September 6, 2017
Time: 90 minutes
Astrology Sessions: 500.-TL
Relationship Astrology: 850.-TL
Venue: mK Yoga Center

After working in various industries, İdris Taylor 1998 than in basic training, Fatma, followed respectively met with Astrology Indian Astrology, spiritual Astrology, in addition to their own spiritual journey Uranyen astrology and Zen therapy and consulting, stone and color therapy, handscan body scan, heart therapy and training.
"Fantastic mathematics of life cannot be calculated scene" in the Family to work my knee SVAGITO LIBERMAISTER from the education field in both sessions, both Astrology consulting Fatma family receives to the client in the work of my knee using a mixed methods in education.
The founder and practitioner of single LIFE DESIGN system.

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