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Fatma Family Exhibition; The Analysis Study

Fatma Family Exhibition/Analysis Study
Our behavior in life, on our minds and we have feelings we were born into is an extension of the handle belonging to the system. Life starts with these moulds and the journey that reveals the exit, the transformation of the handle service.
Family constellation is a person born into the system in the operation mechanism of the observed and binds the contract or congestion is spotted living subject.

We all loaded into the mold and we own the truth how judgments we observe this work happened multiple times, with problems, congestion on the relationships, mental and physical health-related problems, such as problems with money, life We are dynamic and can be ilerleyemediği in the cycle.

Workshop venue: mK Yoga Center-Çiftehavuzlar
Contact: 0216 302 69 65 – 0530 939 44 12
Hours: 10-30 – 19.00
Opening: 350.-TL
Attendance: 100.-TL


After working in various industries, İdris Taylor 1998 than in basic training, Fatma, followed respectively met with Astrology Indian Astrology Uranyen Astrology, astrology and spiritual as well as their spiritual journey and Zen therapy for consulting, stone and color therapy, handscan Recall healing body scan, and various trainings.

"Fantastic mathematics of life cannot be calculated scene" in the Family to work my knee SVAGITO LIBERMAISTER from the education field in both sessions, both Astrology consulting Fatma family receives to the client in the work of my knee using a mixed methods in education.
The founder and practitioner of single LIFE DESIGN system.

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