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The majority of yoga yoga instructors, students and patients healing and strengthen a system agree that it is sacred. It is easy to say, but such an approach in a rational and reliable framework to adapt Yoga to work more, deep thought, inquiry and to pay more attention to detail. Yoga and Ayurveda at the same two brothers with each other like two sides of the same coin. Yoga discipline (Sadhana) and Ayurvedic treatments (Chikitsa) are identical with each other in terms of being in nature depends on depth. Healthy and well being through yogic discipline version to perform the full extent of Ayurveda treatment options and we must perform to support holistic practices mind arındırmasını. In this program we take the first step to reach this awareness and not just to others in ourselves we will open a new door for a healthy life.


07 – 08 October 2017
21 – 22 October 2017
11 – 12 November 2017
25 – 26 November 2017
02 – 03 December 2017
16 – 17 December 2017
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12.00 – 6 pm
Venue: mK Yoga Center/Baghdad street

The first time, a yoga therapist training in Turkey;

 In addition to Yoga Therapist Certification,
 The Chopra Center Meditation training certificate and
 Education certificate will be given to the rising age of Ancient breathing techniques.

This training program will be performed by three experts on the subject of his own of the title are as follows;

Dr. will be transferred by NESLİHAN SCYTHIAN:
In the last 12 years, Memorial Hospital cardiac patients, cancer patients, pregnant women and the children and running programs that aren't pinned, so Dr. Neslihan Scythian
• A comprehensive human anatomy and Physiology,
• Heart and vascular diseases, respiratory Disorders, Oncology Patients for Yoga Therapy asana, breathing and relaxation techniques
• Yoga for muscular and skeletal System Diseases Therapy asana, breathing and relaxation techniques
• Yoga Therapy in the treatment of depression and anxiety and asana, breathing and relaxation techniques
• Introduction to dosha Vata-sub-5 WOW to invoke the meditation and vayu of asanas, kriya and to prana

They will be transferred by MERIH CLAMP:
for 25 years the people have embarked on the path of yoga and yoga holistic approach on mission acquiring Merih Clamp Hall,
• Holistic approach to therapy, yoga and health, Yoga
• Koshalar, Kriyalar
• Chakras and dysfunctions
• Chi, ki, prana?
• Nadiler, Bandalar, Vayular
• Sound Healing Therapy
• Breathing techniques for diseases Yogik support

They will be transferred by EBRU SCHWARTZ:
Chopra Center University graduate, our country's first and only Ayurvedic Lifestyle instructor Ebru Schwartz
• Yoga and Ayurveda?
• According to Site type and structure properties of the body and mind food lists
• An on-site needs spice usage recommendations and tea recipes
• 7 important Ayurvedic spices
• Breathing techniques, Contraindications, benefits and detailed applications
• Recommendations for seasonal Seasonal routines, Detox, to Ayurvedic prescriptions of everyday life.
• Doshalara 5 duyumuzla healing methods
• The Chopra Center Certified Meditation Training

The goal of the training:

Knowledge, observation, implementation, analysis and experience this program, giving the safe course is to train instructors and holistic creavit.
Why this training?
Our founder, Merih Clamp, the yoga Center of their faith, the support of diseases in their incoming students.
All the stress and cancer disease diseases next to modern medicine, the amazing effects of yoga and nutrition believes wholeheartedly that our instructors, to transfer all the information they know to those who need this training program on .
This Training Who Can?
This training; support the process of healing of disease and therapy of Yoga believe that the trainer friends, all friends, working in the field of yoga students, health and healthy nutrition and lifestyle to people who want to add contacts They offer benefits to all of our friends that believes.
• Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Certification only 200-hour Yoga Instructor will be given to participants who have completed the Training.
• Meditation Training certificate and the Chopra Center
• Rising C will be given to all participants, while the ancient breathing techniques Certificate.
All of our friends who attended this training, join Yoga Center yoga therapy classes, the mK themselves will be able to develop in this direction.
The words of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION explains how accurate this is us.
"Health; not a disease state of the body of man. Physical, mental, spiritual, and generic levels is not good. "
Please contact us for fees and Program information.
Tel: 0216 302 69 65 – 0530 939 44 12

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