Bach Flower Therapy

DT Belma with beats Bach flower Therapy

Bach flower therapy is based on the origin of the 1930 years.
Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a researcher. Dr. Bach, some of the emotional balance, dropping flowers extract discovered good came.
38 different wild plant and flower extract produced from the Bach Flowers Remedy; In all walks of up to expectant mothers from children side effects easily.
The confusion and stress of modern life, our world, and the feeling of speed, naturally, internal dengemizde adversely affects, create time if no precaution is taken also in mental and physical health problems.

Bach Flowers,
• Despair,
• Concerns the future,
• Past extreme,
• New, the alışmada strain,
• Feeling of Lonely,
• They can pull Others ignore, no overload
• Feeling worthless junk,
• Fear of something bad happens to you,
• Tend to feel extreme Guilt,
• These and regular use of many emotional fluctuations help and support.

The medical treatment of the emotional state of patients with balance is influenced in a positive direction is also known for Bach Flowers Therapy, more and more are offered as support to treatment by a doctor.

Which flower-plant needs in order to be able to identify the person the essence of frequency test application. They water the detected frequency loading.
This work usually at least 4 weeks 9 months or 12 months, can be extended.
Preparation, easy to implement, side effects and does not contain any additives.

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