Yin yoga muscle supplements of exercises for fire, today invited more to reduce the speed of a içselleşmeye life, breath, you follow the feelings and thoughts to notice ourselves is an application that invites to look like a witness. How opposites attract each other in each other if the other one exists and there are likely to be the real thing, the mind becomes a meditative experience in conserving quiet Dynamics presents an invitation.

Postures in 3-8 minutes left to rest the muscles in physical inactivity, we’re deeper into the tissues, muscles and internal organs provides a deep therapeutic touch and embrace the catastrophe. At the same time tap all around the body depends on the empowerment of the opening and stretching, can be called the energy channels of the body by stimulating the Meridian lines and makes a deep massage internal organs and helps strengthen.

Yin yoga is handled differently aligned. Anatomy of each body is different and although when viewed from the outside it may seem completely pose practice and feeling person’s body Anatomy and aligned. So by learning to listen more deeply his body, pelvis, spine, bones, and their natural way of dealing with each other in the degree of exposure is entered into. After settling into the body, which may be the most comfortable area in emotional differences between physical inactivity and silence or challenges and sometimes we start to notice his feelings from the past.

   Training content:

  • Learning method: Sharavana, Manana, Nididhyasa 
  • Yin Yoga?
  • Your body is 14 joint chapter analysis 
  • Comparative anatomy 
  • Tensile and Compression (Tension-Compression)
  • 25 according to the exposure and body type changing Yin Yoga variations
  • Connective tissue (ligaments, tendons and disaster)
  • Yin Yoga lesson preparation and teaching 
  • Can be applied in a restricted body poses and application forms 
  • Leg and Body Mandalası
  • Meridians, the physical and emotional effects in the body 
  • Meridian, the target area and joint groups preparing the lesson flow

Meeting Dates:

  • 20-21 January
  • February 17-18
  • 17-18 March
  • 7-8 April
  • 5-6 May
  • 19-20 May

Meeting hours are Saturdays 11:30-18:30

                      Sundays at 10:00-17:00

80 hour training meeting, includes 20 hours of homework and tutoring.

Education Who Can Participate?

200 hour yoga before, trained or teach yin yoga and anatomy is open to anyone who wants to concentrate on training.

Fees: tuition 2,750.-TL + KDVdir. The participants during training Merih Clamp and Abdullah Al-Saeed Duru Yin Yoga classes can participate for free.

Method Of Payment:

Education fee payment in advance and by November 15 if only 2,400.-TL + VAT per day.

The training fee is paid in instalments; through November 15, 750.-TL will be a down payment on the remaining 2,000.-TL 4 equal instalments February January December 2017, 2018, 2018, will be March 2018.

To ensure your place until November 15, 750.-TL bailed.

For more information please visit: info@merihkenet.com

MK Yoga Center: 0530 939 44 12-0216 302 69 65 No. phones.