Breath and Meditation

Meditation has immediately come to mind when thought patterns. Hard-to-reach for most individuals, an attempt is even harder, even impossible. 

It is not necessary for an empty mind meditation experience.

There's no need for any information or experience to sit in meditation.

Sit for meditation; his mind, cognitive processes, the emotional movements to observe, to go on a journey in consciousness is a powerful indicator of intent.

A large part of human existence as mental body we experience in layers. Disconnected from the physical body supplying the habit of living büyütüldüğümüz, with age, the situation is a serious problem. That's why our senses by lilyan kahina & video runs under capacity, the quality of the data collected from the outside world to decreased cognitive processes, they lose health, weakening our lives broken him for body perception we get sick. 

Awareness is low, except for past or future here and now started to experience reduced attention span, learning, remembering and for efficient operation usually breaks, connects with life issues such as weak, motivated to work towards this goal, set up be difficult, joy of living and tranquility beginning begins. In this case the mind of the person is overloaded. 

Awareness and caution come out and disappearing at the same time, concurrent processes. However, the people who stay here-and-now experience unity consciousness that manifests itself in all the peace brought about by the cognitive processes of glitch and begins to improve, the vicious cycles of stabilisation. 

Thanks to the increased level of consciousness after the first individuals in the outside world begins to detect the more healthy. For example, fueled by one who learned to listen to yourself dinleyebilmeye and start to communicate more healthy. 

People of all ages can experience a journey of the soul and layers of insight meditation pratiklerimize will begin the most basic level. 

Throughout the course of the first anchor and move the breath of our being and Prana (life force energy) feeding that balances pranayama techniques will be applied.

Finger or hand yoga, also known as Mudralarla in the physical body will be running the rivers flowing Nadiler.

Intentions and wishes will be completed with practical meaning of Mantras.

Samadhi-the universe, you are invited to explore our focus on reviewing varoluşunuzu.

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