Kid's Yoga Instructor Training

Kid's Yoga?

Starting with smaller children ages this day, school, peer pressure, I race among their peers and their families expect of them under intense stress due to success. Touch with their their learning, environmental stress, health and self-esteem. Kid's Yoga for stress by changing their world perspectives and develops new learning methods alone.

For many years thought to be a work belonging to just adults teaching this ancient, in fact with the understanding that it is very useful for children, adopted children's yoga program with the world rapidly changes that occur in children;

• More powerful and have a healthy body
• More active, more flexible and smarter
• Creative, imaginative and express themselves better
• Increases and they become more careful Konsantrasyonları
• Muscle structure and balance increases
• Increases lung capacity with breathing exercises
• Posture disorders recedes
• Self-confidence and emotional balance increases

Kid's Yoga Teaching
Certificate Program
Kid's Yoga Instructor Training with Dr. Neslihan Scythian
Date: Sunday, October 17 Ct/14-15
Time 13:00-18:00
Fee: 850.-TL + VAT

day 1:
Dating and program description

1. Kid's Yoga?
ॐ Goals
ॐ Benefits
ॐ Adult yoga difference from
2. Yoga in schools:
ॐ aim/ target
ॐ Why Schools Yoga?
ॐ Benefits
ॐ considerations and Notes
• The Class Layout
• Note that the times are
• Time
• Materials
can be executed outside of a Yoga class and yoga ॐ to support studies
3. Kid's Yoga theoretical training:
ॐ age groups:
* 3-6 age
* 6-9 age
* 9-11 age
* Mixed Group (3 – 11 years old)
ॐ Affirmasyonlar
ॐ Breath awareness
ॐ start and finish the exercises, deep relaxation, meditation examples
ॐ Mantras
day 2:
1. Participants for the warming and sun salutations series
ॐ Short and long version recommendations
ॐ Posture/ list of and demonstration Act
2. Participants and with the children example kid's yoga program applications:
ॐ Start
ॐ warm-ups should be
ॐ yoga postures
ॐ group and bilateral postures
ॐ games
ॐ breathing and relaxation techniques
ॐ Meditation examples
ॐ finish
3. Deep relaxation-for exhibitors
4. Questions-Answers
5. Comments/feedback forms to-resources information

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
14 October 2017 13:00 18:00 Kid's Yoga Instructor Training Merih Kenet Yoga Stüdyo
14 October 2017 13:00 18:00 Merih Kenet Yoga Stüdyo
14 October 2017
13:00 - 18:00 - with Kid's Yoga Instructor Training - at Merih Kenet Yoga Stüdyo
14 October 2017
13:00 - 18:00 - with - at Merih Kenet Yoga Stüdyo

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