Yoga For Pregnant (Prenatal Yoga)


Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means "Unification". Nowadays as a result of various physical yoga just stretching elasticity and strength Enhancer is perceived as a technique. But yoga self-knowledge and behind an ancient science that causes to perform himself. At the end of the physical and mental work spirit, mind and body find each other, converge. This merger in the life of the person with more flexible, would be peaceful and safe.


Every period of life Yoga scratch. Pregnancy is one of the most ideal period to start yoga. Another body, the yoga people breath is realized the feelings, consciously, when pregnancy is based changes a natural birth and living on a happy mother prepares to.
In pregnancy yoga many complaints, a comfortable, easy and painless birth causes it to pass. Have the uterus after childbirth, stomach flattening, and increased the milk.
When working with pregnant women yoga postures and breath of normal pregnancy should be adapted in order to ensure compliance. Therefore special yoga technique only pre-pregnancy (Prenatal) and after pregnancy (Postnatal) teaching the yoga trainer certificate by trainers.
What is the use of yoga during pregnancy?
Physical Benefits
• Yoga posture (Asanalarda) people's relationship with the body set up to trust him and know him.
• Pelvic floor muscles runs Asanas, stretching and prepares the clenching. Esneyememesi enough of the skin during delivery, post-partum bladder that may occur as a result of circumferential incision made and weakness (incontinence) and prolapse in this way.
• Pelvic floor is increased mobility. So at birth without unnecessary tension and contraction as a conscious way of birth gives way to the baby, no pain.
• Asanas spine and strengthens the muscles, allowing to stand upright. Over the period of time that may arise in relation to your waist and back pains or poor posture.
• The spine due to normally occurring load fatigue does not occur.
• In the first weeks of pregnancy feels like morning sickness.
• Leg muscles stronger. Prevents the formation of varicose veins of the legs, which can occur during pregnancy.
• Lung capacity is increased with stretch, more oxygen is provided to go baby.
• Recognize the natural breath is reached, breathing paths are executed (Pranayama). The pelvic floor muscles with breathing technique learned. Sancısının effect of increasing birth pain is felt and remains comfortable and loose the body due to a deep breath.
• To strengthen chest muscles postures (Asanas) prepares the period of breast-feeding mother.
• Postpartum uterus to its former size.
• Prenatal postpartum body quickly returns to the non-signaled state.
Emotional Benefits
• Increases the confidence in the strength of one's body and. ..
• Deep relaxation, regeneration and refresh.
• Opens the Consciousness, allows you to realize the living moment.
• Communicate better with your mother's womb because it allows the baby to the spirit, mind and body into a whole, and establishes the right balance.
• Special and deep breathing technique, it can cripple an emotional thaw livable. Withstood them, faced his fears with yoga, the birth of a mother's pain-free and let them naturally.
• Meditation and spiritual relaxation and relaxation. So parents environmental factors, leaving out the noise and disturbing thoughts can return and encounters with him in silence.

Class Timetable

  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
Tuesday 19:00 20:00 not available Merih Kenet Yoga Studyo
Saturday 10:00 11:00 not available Merih Kenet Yoga Studyo
19:00 - 20:00 - Yoga For Pregnant (Prenatal Yoga) - at Merih Kenet Yoga Studyo
10:00 - 11:00 - Yoga For Pregnant (Prenatal Yoga) - at Merih Kenet Yoga Studyo

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